Our risk consultants can help

If you’re finding it difficult to identify and control risks, consider working with the risk control experts at Poms & Associates. Our risk consultants can help you find exactly what risks your business faces—and then help you eliminate or mitigate them.

Regardless of the type of company you run, we can provide risk control and business insurance services that can protect your customers, your employees, and your business. And you can rest assured that if something does go wrong, your company will remain protected.



“Working with Poms has been an awesome experience. They have saved me and my employer time and money with their prompt response, strategic marketing of our needs to plan providers, ease of transition to new providers and excellent customer service.”

Sherri Paniagua
Human Resources Manager, Las Virgenes Municipal Water District, Calabasas, CA

Need risk control services?

Our experienced risk control specialists know regulations, employment issues, litigation and liability trends inside and out—and are well versed in loss control and accident prevention. We translate all of this into world-class safety training.

When you engage the Poms & Associates risk control team, our safety consultants will use inventive, participatory techniques to help you protect your organization from both expected and unexpected sources of loss.

Risk control from Poms & Associates

We can help you achieve your risk goals with the following services.

Safety audits and compliance checks

Determining where you face risk is your first line of defense. That’s why our risk consultants will start by taking a close look at your premises and your business processes. The goal will be to not only determine whether you’re meeting your regulatory obligations but to see whether we can help you optimize to meet best practices.

We’ll help you create short- and long-term risk strategies. We’ll also let you know what you’re doing right and help you build on those successes.

Risk review and plan development

Our risk consultants will take the time to find out about your business—what your objectives are and where you want to be headed.

So whether you need a disaster recovery plan, help with employee safety, or guidance around workplace health, we have a program that fits.

When we’re done, we’ll make sure all your employees and managers understand and embrace what they need to do—so you can all work more safely.

Employee safety training services

Our risk consultants can also help you establish safety training programs to help you control risk on the ground. Ask about our customized, memorable, effective safety training programs that cover only the specific industries and issues that relevant to you.

Why risk consultants from Poms & Associates?

Identifying, controlling, and minimizing the risks your company is exposed to is critical to your business, because most insurers calculate rates and insurability based on an assessment of those risks.

In other words, insurers will want to understand the potential risks that exist in your business before they decide whether to cover you. Poms & Associates risk consultants can help you assess these risks, mitigate against them, and minimize the ones that can’t be eliminated.

And when you work with a risk consultant, you may also receive a discount on your business insurance coverage as a result—because most insurance carriers see efforts to control risk as a predictor that your company will be less likely to file a claim.


The 5 Pillars of Risk Control

Whatever kind of business you run, there are bound to be at least a few risks involved. Learning how to control those risks not only keeps customers and employees safe, but also benefits your bottom line.

Learn five techniques for controlling risk in your company by downloading your free copy of “The 5 Pillars of Risk Control” today.