Our risk management consultants can help

Moving your organization forward in today’s complex world can be daunting. Implementing the strategies necessary to stay competitive—while balancing regulatory and other considerations—is more of a challenge than ever before.

And whether you employ 5 or 50,000, your critical assets are exposed to risks—both expected and unexpected.

Should you seize opportunity or avoid the risk?

Poms & Associates is in a unique position to provide unbiased guidance to help you answer that question. Why? Because we don’t own—nor are we owned by—claims administrators, auditors, insurers, actuaries, or financial advisors. Our depth of experience, coupled with an absence of conflicting interests, means that you’ll receive truly impartial consultation services.



“Working with Poms has been an awesome experience. They have saved me and my employer time and money with their prompt response, strategic marketing of our needs to plan providers, ease of transition to new providers and excellent customer service.”

Sherri Paniagua
Human Resources Manager, Las Virgenes Municipal Water District, Calabasas, CA

Why risk management consulting?

Making sense of risk doesn’t come naturally. Even executives with years of experience often have biases to overcome and blind spots to see through.

Common mistakes? Thinking that risk can be predicted instead of planned for “just in case.” Believing there’s such a thing as a “typical” risk. And making the biggest error of all—underestimating what can go wrong while overestimating your organization’s ability to handle a crisis.

There’s nothing wrong with hoping for the best. But when most organizational losses result from strategic risks, it’s also critical to plan for the worst.

That’s where our risk management consultants can help.

Ways to minimize risk in your organization

Minimizing risk has several benefits to your employees and customers—but it also makes you more attractive to insurance companies. Reducing risk can also help reduce your premiums.

To start demonstrating that you’re addressing risk in your workplace, consider these strategies:

  • Have your building and its systems inspected regularly.
  • Create a detailed safety protocol manual that provides useful information regarding risks and workplace safety to your employees.
  • Do an initial risk management assessment on your own to start looking for potential risks.
  • Work with Poms & Associates to flesh out your risk assessment, and gain peace of mind that all the risks your organization faces are planned for.

Risk management consulting services from Poms & Associates

Here are just some of our innovative risk management services:

  • Insurance program selection & evaluation
  • Retention analysis
  • Contractual risk transfer
  • Group program feasibility, start-up and administration (pool, captive, risk retention, self- insurance, joint powers)
  • Self-insurance plan design and administration
  • Alternative risk finance plans
  • Risk control and safety compliance
  • Cost allocation
  • Cost-of-risk studies
  • Litigation management
  • Risk management manuals and policies
  • Coverage documents
  • Claim advocacy and oversight
  • Claim advocacy and oversight
  • Workshops and training seminars
  • Benchmarking
  • Employment practices and civil rights
  • Drafting of RFPs and selection assistance
  • Rent-A-Risk Manager, including Employee Benefits Managers
  • Threat assessment
  • Crisis management
  • Disaster preparedness
  • Board of Directors training workshops

Risk management consulting services from Poms & Associates

Identifying, controlling, and minimizing risks is critical to your business.

Poms & Associates risk management consultants can help you assess those risks with an eye to eliminating those that can be removed, mitigating against those that remain, and strengthening your overall risk exposure.


The 5 Pillars of Risk Control

Whatever kind of business you run, there are bound to be at least a few risks involved. Learning how to control those risks not only keeps customers and employees safe, but also benefits your bottom line.

Learn five techniques for controlling risk in your company by downloading your free copy of “The 5 Pillars of Risk Control” today.