Top Risk Control Considerations for a Coffee Shop

Coffee is one of the most loved beverages in the United States and around the world, so now is a great time to get into the business of opening a coffee shop, especially with the ever-evolving list of new coffee creations. Because coffee is able to be enjoyed on-the-go or while relaxing in a shop, there isn’t likely to be a shortage of business, and you can also market your own customized blends to get more customers in the door; however, there are a number of safety and risk control considerations that need your focus before you get started.

Risk control

1. Injured Customers and Employees

By its very nature, coffee is hot, but what constitutes hot and too hot can be difficult to decipher at first. Most coffee drinkers understand that freshly-poured coffee is going to need to take a while to cool down before it can be safely consumed, but not all of them know this. As a result, coffee that is too hot can cause serious burns to customers.

Also, if you don’t engage in risk control regarding your cups and lids, a customer could easily spill burning hot coffee on himself or herself, leading to serious injuries. In fact, the infamous McDonald’s hot coffee case is a prime example of how even a giant company could face serious litigation due to a spill.

Also, employees can be burned when using equipment to prepare and serve coffee. This means that you’ll not only need to think about risk control now, but also as you put together and grow your business. Safety inspections will need to be a routine part of your maintenance plan for equipment that heats, holds, or dispenses coffee. An incorrect setting or even a wiring malfunction may heat your products to unsafe levels.

Risk control

2. Slips and Falls in Your Coffee Shop

Another risk control concern when running a coffee shop is the possibility for slips and falls. Because your main business will involve liquid, it’s likely that you will have spills in your shop on a somewhat regular basis. If not properly and promptly addressed, customers and employees could slip due to a spill. Once again, this can lead to serious injuries and maybe even a lawsuit. Always have plans in place to handle spills, and also ensure that you carry enough business insurance protection to take care of medical bills, pain and suffering, and employment compensation if someone is injured due to your products or is injured on one of your properties.

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