Using Office Design & Furnishings to Decrease Injuries & Lower Insurance Risk

Believe it or not, insurance risk control is something that you, as a business owner, can play a large part in. At its core, insurance risk control involves identifying potential hazards before they cause accidents and injuries. All that’s really required to minimize the potential for accidents and injuries in the workplace is to acknowledge such areas and deal with them accordingly. The best part is that you will not only protect your employees and customers, but you may also save money on insurance costs by taking part in risk control.

Insurance risk

Why Do Insurance Companies Offer Discounts?

When you engage in risk control, insurance companies are often more secure in offering lower premiums and deductibles because you have proven that your business is less likely to need to file a claim. The reasoning is that you have taken proactive steps to minimize the potential for accidents and injuries, and you are therefore less of a risk to the insurance company. Essentially, if your business insurance provider feels more confident in your ability to reduce potential costs, your company will receive discounted rates.

How Does Office Design Factor In?

Although it is often overlooked, office design is a major factor in insurance risk control. The fact is that you can consider virtually anywhere an “office”. A park bench could be an office, a residential home could be an office, or a traditional office space could be an office. With this stated, how these “offices” are laid out makes the difference. For example, a park bench could be an office, but that office may be more susceptible to weather elements, thereby damaging electronics, or it may be more open to crime. Likewise, a traditional office space that doesn’t utilize ergonomics may be more likely to cause employees pain, injuries, and therefore, lowered productivity and more days missed due to injuries.

Insurance risk

Change Office Design to Decrease Injuries and Increase Revenue

The key to not only receiving discounts for insurance risk control while reducing productivity losses is to actively engage yourself in the design of your company’s office space. Simple things like ensuring that all chairs are at appropriate heights or that employees are able to take regular walking breaks can go a long way. Such simple steps will provide business insurance providers with the assurance that you are committed to employee health. These measures will also assist your company in increasing productivity, and therefore, its bottom line.

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Insurance risk can be a very serious subject, so it’s best to partner with an expert. At Poms & Associates, we specialize in business insurance risk for not only established companies, but also startups. Our team is dedicated to providing independent, thorough analysis of your needs, and we can potentially save your business money when choosing an appropriate insurance plan. To learn more, reach out using our convenient contact form.

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