Why Poms & Associates for employee benefit consulting?

You want to attract and keep the best employees—but rising healthcare costs tend to box you in when it comes to offering a better benefits package.

That’s why our employee benefit specialists deliver innovative, out-of-the-box insurance solutions that can reduce your costs while keeping your employees happy and motivated.  Impossible? We do it for our clients every day.

We’ll work closely with your Human Resources department to customize the best possible employee benefits package, whether your priority is cost-containment, top-of-the-line benefits for your team, making incremental changes, or implementing a full-spectrum, turnkey employee benefits program.

No one understands the pressures of human resources better than us. Our employee benefit consulting team has decades of experience in human resources, insurance, plan administration and enrollment, claims advocacy and more—consider us an extension of your HR team. We’re here to help.


The 5 Pillars of Risk Control

Whatever kind of business you run, there are bound to be at least a few risks involved. Learning how to control those risks not only keeps customers and employees safe, but also benefits your bottom line.

Learn five techniques for controlling risk in your company by downloading your free copy of “The 5 Pillars of Risk Control” today.